On the line

Dyed twice. Left it in the second dye pot for 24 hours. Started out as white linen. Then folded it to get the light green. It sat in my closet for a year! Took it out scrunched it up in a mixing bowl and mixed up -actually threw into a glass jar (couldn’t find a spoon)

sage green, mixing blue, and wasabi linen

Here is what it looks like after rinsing in cold and washing in hot twice

About Marjorie

I dye, print and sell my work here: www.printanddyeworkshop.com printanddyeworkshop.etsy.com
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29 Responses to On the line

  1. deedeemallon says:

    Wow. Great result. Curious: why was it tucked away for a year?

    • marjorie says:

      well we had just moved and I dyed some linen to make curtains in the new house and wasn’t crazy about the color and put it in the linen closet and just forgot about it I guess. Then l was looking for a certain set of sheets and pulled everything out of the closet and there it was. thanks for following and commenting Dee!

  2. angelica says:


  3. lomoser says:

    This is awesome! Such an amazing color scheme… somehow warm and cool, enveloping and refreshing. Love it.

  4. It reminds me of the deep green forest – beautiful!! What will you do with it??

  5. Pamela says:

    This is your rainforest piece, complete with rain drops too.

  6. Vernon says:

    No need to rush things.

  7. Wow! What a beautiful fabric!

    • marjorie says:

      Laura Thank you! Can you recommend a nice thread for machine quilting from LC’s Cottage? Do you have linen thread? I will check your store but I would love it if you have a suggestion. I don’t know where to start! Sorry if I sent this twice lol.

      • Thread is such a personal choice. 🙂 The threads in my shop are limited to mostly Aurifil cottons and WonderFil. But there is such a wide variety of thread options now! Do you have a plan? Shiny and showy? There are lots of rayons, metallics, and polyesters. 12 weight (such as Aurifil cotton) will lie on the surface and really show up well. If you want your quilting to be very fine, then WonderFil Invisifil, or a pretty silk, would be good choices.
        You are opening a can of worms when discussing threads…everyone has their favorites. Whatever you decide, do not buy dollar store, cheap thread! You want top quality. That cheap stuff is full of lint and bumps. It frays easily, and isn’t good for your project, or sewing machine.

      • marjorie says:

        Thanks for all this information Laura! I am going to browse your etsy shop! LC’s cottage!

  8. Donna says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous !

  9. Curls & Q says:

    Q – Super gorgeous!!!

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