I’m updating again because it’s been a while!

Today is August 21, 2018. I opened a little shop in Shelburne Falls, MA in 2016. So Yes I still dye every day!! sometimes every night too! When I first began this blog I never dreamed that one day I would have a little shop where I sell everything I make, but that’s exactly what happened. I taught myself to dye cloth right here in front of all of you my dear readers. You encouraged me with your interest and your comments and your very own blogs too. I wouldn’t be here working as I do without you dear reader. Thank you all for letting me be a little part of this big world of creativity! Now I’m going to go put on my apron -There’s work to be done! xoxo, Marjorie


This is what I wrote when I fist began this blog in May of 2007 or was it 2008?

I’m dyeing every day. Or doing something I love with cloth. Printing, stamping, painting, sewing. I’m having a blast and I don’t know where it’s going.

Well its been a couple of months and I am still happiest when I’m dyeing! I’ve got an Etsy  store now and I’m beginning to sell some stuff! I love dyeing!


Update June 23, 2013:

Well here I am three years later living a life beyond my wildest dreams! Moved from the city to the country and loving it!!!! We bought a huge old farmhouse on the Deerfield River in Shelburne Falls. The house was used as a rest home for 35 years and it is about 4500 square feet of wall to wall linoleum! Hoping you will keep in touch as we restore our home and our lives! I’m still dyeing almost every day!    xoxo, Marjie

Update June 10, 2015 Just wanna say this about that –

I love cloth. I love folding and squishing it up and then throwing it into a pot of dye. My work is mostly intuitive and spontaneous. I will just mix up some dyes, add fabric and see what happens. I use low water immersion dyeing techniques and I don’t worry too much about making a mess. I love the markings that happen when the cloth is tied and bound. If I need inspiration, I walk around a hardware store. I love clamps and waxed string, ropes, PVC pipe and blocks of wood. I love to wrap silk around a block of wood and tie it up with string. Dyed and unwrapped and then dyed again, my pieces let me know when they’re done. Sometimes they are wrong and I have to intervene. My scarves are personal pieces that I create for other people. They are one of a kind and they always seem to find their way to the person they were meant for. My fabrics end up the colors of the day -the sunrise, the river, the sky, the trees, the peonies and the ripe tomato in my kitchen. I start cutting and sewing and sometimes the work is effortless and sometimes the effort doesn’t seem to match the result. Then I put it out of sight for a day or two or even a month or a year and then I come across it again and work on it some more and it’s wonderful, just exactly what it is supposed to be.

Have a lovely creative day! xo, Marjie

13 Responses to About

  1. Sian Midgley says:

    Hi Marjorie, lve just discovered your blog,..l love the way you go into the important details of dyeing in such a relaxed and natural way, its really inspiring!
    I was wondering whether you had ever made a dye bath from ornamental quinces, as l noticed you had from the flowers?
    Ours has produced so much fruit this year it seems a shame to let them go to waste..l thought they might have possibilities!
    Warmest regards from across the water,

  2. Hi Marjorie! I just wanted to thank you for following my Video Production blog. I really appreciate it! Best, Darren.

  3. fibercrush says:

    I’ve nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award! http://fibercrush.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/reader-appreciation-award/ I love seeing what you are doing with dyeing and your screenprinting!

  4. BarbaraZ says:

    I visited your shop and followed the link to Sunset Print & Dye. *LOVE* it! Is Peter your husband? You have some really cool stuff and will keep it in mind for gifts! The porcupine fish zeppelin is outrageously cool. Check my etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/QuiltAndFiberArts?ref=si_shop

    • marjorie says:

      Yes Peter is my husband -the porcupine fish design is his, he is an incredible designer and artist. thanks so much for checking it out! I’m am going to check yours right now.

  5. marjorie says:

    So great to hear from you!

  6. jmquilts says:

    Yes, I love my moon fabric! Not sure where I lost you between then & now. You are in my Google reader again. I knew you seemed familiar. 🙂 Your memory is better than mine!

  7. jmquilts says:

    I’m so happy you found my blog so that I could find you as well!! I enjoy dyeing fabric so much and the itch to do it again is getting stronger. 🙂 I think the nice weather coming helps that. I’ll enjoy reading about your next project!

  8. Ali says:

    Hi! I really love your blog (and your Etsy shop!). Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous artwork. I’m new to fabric dyeing, and it’s really inspiring to see all of the creative things you can do. 🙂

    • marjorie says:

      Hi Ali, thanks for visiting! I love your sites too -and the buttons and tattoos are all very cool. I’d love to hear about your experiences with dyeing. Let me know what happens. Tonight I am dyeing a huge piece for the backs of two quilts I am trying to finish this week. Probably won’t happen, but I am optimistic tonight. I mixed boysenberry, sun yellow and warm black, folded up a huge piece and dunked it in. We’ll see.

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