Tote obsession

Oh I’m so glad to be back and blogging again. Rome was really wonderful but I am so happy to be home!

I have become obsessed with making tote bags. When I’m not making them, I’m thinking about making them. I’m thinking about gussets and lining and whether or not to put in a zipper. Well no zippers for now – This is summer sewing! Here are a few I’ve finished this week-That’s my darling Kate modeling for her ma.

dyebag1 kdyebag3 ginkgobag kate

grginkgo1 greenI wish I had take some photos of the process. I will next time just to show you how easy it is to make a lined tote bag! Have a wonderful creative day!



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8 Responses to Tote obsession

  1. I LOOVE those totes!

  2. marjorie says:

    Wow thanks everyone!!!

  3. Curls & Q says:

    Q Love, love, love the tote bags. Your daughter is darling.

  4. releaf1954 says:

    Beautiful! I like the last one best — such interesting dye patterns!

  5. penny says:

    I wondered what happened to you. Welcome home! I love the bags!!! And your daughter is darling.

  6. angelica says:

    Kate is the perfect tote model!
    I love your tote.

  7. Donna says:


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