two quilts i want to try to make

From these photos – which one do you like better and which one do you think will be easier to start with?

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14 Responses to two quilts i want to try to make

  1. Just back from holiday so maybe you have already started but I ‘vote’ for the green/bricks first. Both are very good photos though.

  2. Go for the sky view. Great blues and reds

  3. Laura says:

    I love them both! Sometimes the sky seems to mimic your hand dyes… Both will make such beautiful quilts, so excited to see what you do with both!

  4. Donna says:

    Although…..with the right dye mixture……you might recreate that sky. Love the inspiration! Very cool.

  5. meta says:

    I think they’re both not very easy!

  6. marjorie says:

    ok then -bricks it is! stay tuned. xo

  7. pennross says:

    love the bricks…

  8. Vern says:


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