All washed up

Here it is all washed and pressed. I ironed it dry, I just love doing that and watching the fabric get lighter and all the little markings come out to play. Linen has such a lovely sheen. I feel like I want to add some gold, but maybe with thread. Hey all you thread gurus-What kind is best to work with? what size needle? Tell me, tell me!

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37 Responses to All washed up

  1. t4mworkshops says:

    This is lovely Marjorie. I’m not a fan of metallic thread as I think it’s a bit brash so would use a gold-coloured rayon embroidery thread with a size 11 embroidery machine needle.

  2. Curls & Q says:

    I thought that I had already commented on how absolutely fabulous this is!!! But I don’t see a comment. This really is so gorgeous! I could use one on my buffet! 😎

  3. Hello Marjorie, thanks for “following” my blog. I am excited by yours too, and will follow. i agree with the comments about needles and thread. The topstitch needle has a larger eye which lets the thread pass through easier without friction. It still breaks easily though . . . One thing I found at a local crafts store was wire thread. You don’t sew with it, but lay it on top and couch it on.
    Well that link didn’t work well! The idea is to tack it on with just a stitch of thread (by hand). I don’t think the piece would wash, if that matters. But that way you aren’t actually sewing with the metallic thread, and it shows up nice and bright.

    • marjorie says:

      Hi Martha,
      Thanks so much for all the good tips! I just love your row house quilts! they are so beautiful. I live in a row house in Brooklyn.

  4. Vicki W says:

    That turned out really beautiful! I think metallic thread would be wonderful on it. I love Superior metallic and use a 14 topstitch needle with it.

    • marjorie says:

      Oh my gosh is that you Vicki!? I love your dyeing! Thanks for your comment and suggestion. Is that needle for machine? I am so new at the sewing end.

  5. Florence says:

    Looks fabulous. Love the idea of adding metalic thread.
    Regards Florence x

  6. pennross says:

    The combination with the real plant is stunning!!! I love the design anyway but in combination it really is fascinating. Metallic thread can be a real pain in the butt, but it is possible. There are a few different gauges of thread or floss which means we have to know that first before we pick the needles. This also depends on the material you’re using. If the weave is tight it will be tough to get the metallic through no matter what the needle. Looser weave is easier…..I hate to say it but you might have to experiment with different types of floss or threads. Hope that helps or was it discouraging….some how I think you’ll take it as a challenge….I can’t wait to see the results!!!!

    • marjorie says:

      Oh thank you Penny -it’s linen so i can probably drive a truck through the weave lol! What is your favorite? How about flax -Is there floss made of flax?

      • pennross says:

        I haven’t worked much with metallic threads or floss (I’m not even really sure if that’s what you call them) But If you can find a thread or floss place on-line or in your neighborhood, you could call them and ask…they probably will lots of info. One kind I used from the craft store, has three or more strands and with that it get very twisty and cranky as you stitch. Btw, there are metallic single strand threads that you add to other flosses to make them have a bit of a sparkle…a little more manageable, a little more subtle but not as out outspokenly metallic.
        I haven’t heard much about flax for stitching but then again I near DC and all we have here is a lot of “flack.” Just not as hip as NYC.

      • marjorie says:

        Thanks so much for your suggestions Penny! I will try to find some different types and experiment with them. What is “flack?” lol

      • pennross says:

        Ya know when you get “flack” for doing the wrong thing…lol…I think…now I’m questioning myself.

      • marjorie says:

        Oh ha ha lol. I get it now!!! Thought it was some kind of special thread ha.

      • marjorie says:

        How did you get the link in your comment?

      • pennross says:

        I have no idea how to work this thing….
        what did I do?

      • pennross says:

        Hi Majorie, I’m coming to NYC next week for a few days with my daughter. Do you have a shop where you sell your scarves and things? If so we’d love to stop by!!!

      • marjorie says:

        Hi Penny,
        How fun! Business or pleasure?I don’t have a shop-just my etsy shop but would love to meet up if you have time.

      • pennross says:

        This is a just for pleasure – a mini trip and then a trip to Maine in July as the grand finale for just being Mom and daughter with no babies (she’s 5mos preg).

        You’re in Brooklyn right? We might be staying at my Aunt’s apt. on Bowery and Houston (she’s an artist with a huge loft). In any case I’d love to meet, see more of your dye work, go to an embroidery place and pick out metallic thread for your project or just meet for a coffee.
        We’ll come in Wednesday afternoon and leave sometime Friday morning. My# 202-285-8407….
        So not a lot of time….I also have a nephew in Brklyn so we might be over there anyway…haven’t talked with him yet….

      • marjorie says:

        Great I would love to get together! My daughters might be around too. My number is 646-239-1035. If you want to come over to Brooklyn, that would be great, but I am happy to come into the city to meet you! There is a gallery on 23rd street that is showing Quilt art right now if you are interested. I can find out more about it.

      • pennross says:

        I will talk with Luce and see what she’d like to do…we have so much to do and in so little time….jeesh…

      • marjorie says:

        No worries if you can’t meet up! Just enjoy yourselves!

      • marjorie says:

        This looks great Penny! I am very interested in these metallics they are lovely! I just ordered some nice rayon thread from LC’s cottage on Etsy.

  7. Allison Green says:

    That turned out lovely. I am frantically searching for nice opaque plants to try this with! That one is a beauty, what did you say it was called again? I wonder if it might grow inside for me. Love the colour of it. And you really got in the same vein with your dye.

    • marjorie says:

      Thanks so much Allison. The plant is oxalis and it grows well indoors. The leaves close at night and little pink flowers bloom from time to time. It’s lovely. I have also used gingko leaves, hydrangea flowers and twigs and sticks. Really anything will work!

      • Allison Green says:

        Okay perfect, oxalis (writes on hand in indelible ink). Gingko would be beautiful too. I was thinking about those little seed helicopters that fall off of trees, maybe painted black if necessary.

      • marjorie says:

        Oh they would be great! I don’t think you have to paint them black, they are probably opaque enough. Depends on your light source I guess.

  8. meta says:

    Really gorgeous! Perhaps metallic embroidery thread along some of the edges of the leaves?
    How did you make the screen?

    • marjorie says:

      Thank you Meta! I coated the screen with photo emulsion and burned the actual leaves into the screen with light on my vacuum light table. There is a post about it a couple of weeks ago -sorry I’m terrible with links- but it is called
      a little repeat and a bit about how to burn a screen from May 4

  9. That turned out terrific! I love it!

    • marjorie says:

      Thanks Laura! Any tips for floss and needles? I will check your cottage.

    • marjorie says:

      I’d like to try both.

      • If you are going to use metallic thread, then I suggest a topstitch needle for machine quilting, or a needle with a larger eye for hand stitching. Cut shorter lengths to stitch with when hand stitching…18″ at the most. The thread tends to fray or break, so stitching with shorter lengths won’t be so frustrating. If sewing by machine, sew slower than you normally would, so that there is less friction on the thread. Just my two cents. :O)

      • marjorie says:

        Oh thanks so much Laura. I was looking in your shop and saw some beautiful threads. A few look golden though not necessarily metallic. I really like them and would like to place an order. I will ask questions on your etsy convo about them. You have so many great things in your shop!

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