Rainy Day Project

Well I finally got to take some of the alginate I made and mix up some discharge paste. Much to my dismay  the alginate had  a slight ammonia odor when I opened it up. I knew I should have put it in the fridge. I decided to use it anyway even though the ammonia smell means it is spoiled. I’ll tell you right now that everything worked out beautifully so I am glad I took the chance.

1/2 teaspoon thiox powder

1 teaspoon of soda ash

enough water to dissolve the powders (and ounce or so)

I put that in the bottom of a mustard container I got at the 99c store. Then filled it about 3/4 with the smelly alginate. I shook it up, was really happy that it didn’t explode (just kidding) Now it is really smelly!I used the oxalis screen and set it up in my new workshop! I was rummaging around in my stash and found the perfect piece of linen to do my experiment. I dyed it and overdyed it a while ago. It’s very beautiful as it is, but I want to mess with it anyway.Here I go printing the discharge paste onto the linen. It is really smelly and I have to open the window. thank goodness I have plenty of those in the new space.

so as I screen I move the fabric over -it’s not a perfect repeat, but it will do. the discharge looks very dark because it is still very wet. I usually don’t let it dry before i steam it with the iron. Now it is starting to come up from the steam! YES it is green as I hoped!! I still have to wash out the residue from the alginate so it may change a bit. I will let you know. But here is what it looks like now!

so why is it called color remover huh?

Loving it in the garden!

And look this just opened today!don’t you just LOVE rainy days?

About Marjorie

I dye, print and sell my work here: www.printanddyeworkshop.com printanddyeworkshop.etsy.com
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10 Responses to Rainy Day Project

  1. Donna says:

    Stunning! Really love it!

  2. Curls & Q says:

    Absolutely fabulous! I want to learn how to do this!!! I have big oxalis leaves! 😎

  3. What a fun way to enjoy a rainy day! And the garden looks pretty too!

  4. Pamela says:

    the piece if superb. I was once told that instead of steaming with an iron, the fabric could be placed in the sun – the heat and moisture from within its plastic covering sets the colour. Wondering if you have heard of this method/tried it at all? (I must admit I havent gotten around to it yet).

    • marjorie says:

      I would like to try that-next hot day. Maybe also try putting the fabric wrapped in plastic in a car on a hot day. I have done that to set dyes in the past. Thanks Pamela!

  5. Beautiful! I love the combination of techniques and the colours are just wonderful! So glad it worked for you.


    • marjorie says:

      Thanks Liz! Yes isn’t it so funny that I got green from the purplish background? that’s hand dye for you! I guess it brought out the turquoise from the purple.

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