Being here is pretty nice

Here is where I was tonight. Peter and I spent most of the day moving my screenprinting gig into the artbarn. It’s pretty neat with the lights on. Working in a new space feels very weird. I’ve had five that I can remember. I guess this is the sixth. this one feels a bit like summer camp. That is what Peter said tonight and he ought to know.

Here is how things looked earlier today.

moving all the screens in

beginning to be

Peter made this great shelf with a huge plank leftover from the old shed. I think I am really going to like working in here. tonight I printed a few T-shirts and it felt good. I hung Laura’s pojagi in the window. I’m so glad she is back from Portland. It’s been a long great day. goodnight.

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6 Responses to Being here is pretty nice

  1. What a great place in a beautiful garden.

  2. meta says:

    Such a lovely place to work!

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