Another Little Quilt

I’m working on another small quilt. I dyed all of these fabrics a while back. All are cotton sateen and they have this lovely sheen thing going on. I have a lot of these squares and I was going to make a huge quilt but it almost seems like too much. I think instead I will make a few small wall hangings. I don’t really want this kind of intensity on my bed. Rather on the wall of a room that one is not sleeping in. Know what I mean?I like making the smaller pieces because they are easier to quilt and finish. A black border will make this one about 28″ square. Maybe some stitches in the ditches.

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5 Responses to Another Little Quilt

  1. Great colors and patterns.

  2. Curls & Q says:

    I like making smaller quilts too! Large ones are so overwhelming! I mean, even for someone who just likes piecing and not finishing! lol. Your quilt is so gorgeous!! You’ve done it again.

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