Here is the madder scarf, Its pretty and the silk/cotton has a lovely sheen! So you can see that under the ties, the fabric shows the first steps, white, tied and dyed osage orange and pomegranate, then tied with thicker ties and stewed a while in madder. In between I gave it a mordant soak with alum. So tie, dye, mordant, tie dye! Some of the gathers are going to stay and I like that memory on the cloth.scarfdone

I also contact printed some watercolor paper with leaves I picked up on my walk yesterday. I will make some books out of these, stitching the binding on my machine and destroying another needle. They were simmered in madder and some quickly dipped in my indigo vat that, as you can see, is quite exhausted – (like me)cardsmadder

and here is, finally, a photo of that Hibiscus fig silk charmeuse that I wrote about in April. the small more defined leaves are from my azalea that bloomed beautifully this year, but is now resting for the winter.figscarf

So good to be back! Have a lovely creative day!



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