Summer bundles

I’m so grateful to the lovely gardeners at the Bridge of Flowers. They have been saving me hibiscus and allowing me to come and clip and dead head the gorgeous blooms on the bridge. I’m using them and many from my own garden- here are hibiscus, Japanese Maple leaves, azalea leaves, sunflowers, coreopsis, dahlia and many more. I placed the flowers and leaves on silk crepe scarves already hemmed. I know I should have,  but I didn’t wash them first. I sprayed with a vinegar water solution, then rolled them up onto small branches from my ash tree. I simmered them in a pot of hibiscus flower dye that I had saved in fridge from last week. I unwrapped one and let it dry on the line and then I folded it and clamped plastic circles for a resist and dipped it into my indigo vat. The other one is still bundled and you can see it below.

I still have to unwrap this one. The photo below is from another bundle. I am experimenting to see if I get more color from leaving the bundle to cure longer. I just love making and looking at these bundles.


piechere’s the finished piece after indigo but not yet washed out. I have it curing in a dark room, you can see bits of plant matter and shadows of Japanese maple leaves. Still working on ph, etc. So much to learn about this process! I love it!

Thanks for stopping by, Have a wonderful creative day! Always love to hear from you!

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3 Responses to Summer bundles

  1. Kerry & Jim says:

    What a lovely creation! I too love this whole process.

  2. So beautiful. Very excited to see your new bundles.

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