Indigo I love you so

I leave so early in the morning and get back after dark so it’s been hard to have enough light to get a good photo, but this morning I was determined to shoot. I am always struck by the synchronicity of my dye colors with the colors of the day.

Here are the first pieces from the indigo vat 
indigo1This morning’s moon over buckland. Full  moon setting in morningmoon1moon2moon3The river froze over night as the temp went down down down windowAnd I caught these branches in the morning moonlightbranches1

And I finished this one little quilt

And I finished this one little quilt

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6 Responses to Indigo I love you so

  1. Love the photography and the hand-dyes!

  2. Sally says:

    Sooooo beautiful! What photos! What nature! What dyeing! And, I love Peter’s quilt, too.

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