It all started with the table

This is probably the 5th or 6th printing table that Peter has built for us. Let’s see-first was the one at MY-T-FINE in Hoboken NJ. that was when we were first dating. Then there was Carroll Street in our basement in in Brooklyn, one for the print studio project I started at Covenant House, a small one on 37th street, oh and I almost forgot- 3 for dyenamix so we could print the elephant blankets for the circus. So much work on those tables over the years, so much creativity. When the kids were babies we would put them to bed, turn on the monitors and go down into the basement to print fabric for Broadway show costumes. That was after Peter had worked all day at the school and I was a “stay at home ma” lol!

So here is the new table. The first part of it anyway – (it will probably be another 8 feet long at least) -Where will it take us this time?20130910_17042620130910_17501420130916_181258

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3 Responses to It all started with the table

  1. Curls & Q says:

    Q – What a wonderful story! Can’t wait to see the journey on which it takes you!

  2. meta says:

    You’re keeping him busy! Lovely large surface to work on.

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