Felted soap

Laura came home and helped me felt up some soap for the market on Friday. Have you ever done this? It is so much fun! You can use any kind of soap. If you have some wool roving, just wrap it around the soap as tight as you can going in two different directions- one layer in one direction and another layer across. Now shock the wool covered soap in some very hot water. Start rubbing a bit and when you feel the wool beginning to felt you can place it in the foot of a nylon stocking or knee high and scrub it against something with ridges like the bottom of a basket. After about 10 minutes unwrap from the stocking and Voila! Felted soap. Now you have soap and a natural wool scrubby! The wool will just keep shrinking as you use the soap until finally you will have a little pouch and you can make a pincushion out of it! There are a ton of youtube videos out there, check them out and make some felted soap. You will be so glad you did! Have fun!

felt2 feltsoap

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  1. pennross says:

    so much fun! I love them!

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