lost and found

I got lost. I can’t explain it really.

I was getting my big quilt ready. I went to JoAnn’s in staten Island and got a queen size batting. I also bought some of their solids for the back. I came home, washed the backing fabric, sewed it together to fit and made my sandwich. I looked down at it and I kind of froze up. I just couldn’t work on it anymore. I just didn’t like it. I just completely stopped working. I got caught up with the laundry and went through stuff and cleared out stuff day after day after day. I made dinner, I went grocery shopping, I vacuumed and got rid of furniture I hated. I washed windows updated my resume and turned 55. I still didn’t want to work on anything fiber. One day during all this I was with Laura in a used clothing store we both love in Brooklyn called Meshmar. I think that’s what it’s called. I found this beautiful piece of silk. It was woven and there were 5 yards in the piece for $29. Laura encouraged me to buy it. When I got it home, I opened it up and there was a tag inside that said it is Tibetan silk. It really is beautiful.

I cut up the big quilt into smaller pieces. Here is the first of the series with the blue silk used for the border.

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8 Responses to lost and found

  1. gonerustic says:

    I guess the quilt was waiting for you to find that silk! Nothing could happen until then … =D

  2. tangerinekey says:

    I love the blue with it!

  3. Donna says:

    It looks stunning!!

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