It all starts with this

I’m really trying to organize my workspace again. It seems as though I am forever in flux. I love that word flux. Flux is the stuff that you use when you solder copper tubing. It is a kind of grease, not really sure what it’s made of-maybe a petroleum product. Anyway i know this because i once apprenticed as a plumber. But completely forgot about that until I started to write this post. Soldering was my absolute favorite part of being a plumber’s apprentice.

flux: a substance used to remove oxides from and prevent further oxidation of fused metal, as in soldering or hot-dip coating.

Anyway I’m trying to organize and put everything away so I can get back to work and I see this gold twine on the floor and start wondering how I can use it in my next project.

Except I’m still in my pajamas. I really hope I can show you some work by the end of the day.

twine metal molten flux = tie dye bound shibori = new quilt for my bed.

Funny how the brain works. Happy Father’s Day!

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5 Responses to It all starts with this

  1. You are making me remember the welding class I took (and loved!). I liked snapping the welding hood down, striking the arc, and making that perfectly straight welded line. Funny, I hadn’t thought about that in years. What did you come up with after all?

  2. pennross says:

    Fine arts major in college one of my courses was jewelry, which I loved, why? Soldering!! Everyone in the class wanted me to do their soldering because I was the best at it but the teacher wouldn’t let me so I had to make things like little brass boxes that allow me to soldering so many edges….funny that you did that for plumbing and liked it too.
    Happy Father’s day to you!

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