Little red spinning wheel

As soon as i posted that last post, I had a vivid memory of once  owning a spinning wheel. Of course all I had to do was google my memory and there it was. Yes I think I was about 5 or 6 years old and I got this for Christmas. At first I was so happy and excited, but it was a huge disappointment. After what seemed like hours my mother finally got it set up, but all that came out was this red rope thing. I think that I was hoping for a sweater to come out or even a scarf. It was so frustrating to use too. The yarn kept slipping off  and I was fed up in the first five minutes. I remember having it around for a long time and every time i saw it I wished for something more from it. now you can buy it on Ebay for 90 bucks!

Did you have this when you were a kid?

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5 Responses to Little red spinning wheel

  1. Merrilee Morse says:

    When I saw the ad, I wanted one, and my depression raised mom said no problem. Got an old thread spool and hammered some roofing staples into the top and threaded some yarn into it. Sit did the SAME exact thing! I was always amazed by her depression ingenuity and know-how.

  2. Curls & Q says:

    I did not realize there were toy spinning wheels! I had the toy sewing machine which I was sure I could make fabulous doll clothes with. Lol!

  3. marjorie says:

    Children’s toys made to be like tools were always a bit disappointing! Thanks for your comment Karen.

  4. I had no idea there were once spinning wheels for purchase for a children’s gift. Perhaps an earlier version of buying them, say, a child’s sewing machine or Easy Bake Oven? 🙂

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