Back trouble again

Was flat on my back for a few days. I hate when that happens. Usually though, good stuff comes out of it. I watched a lot of Youtube videos about spinning yarn with a drop spindle and also a wheel. I know there is a spinning wheel in my future. There is definitely a drop spindle in my future because I am ordering one tonight.

I started stitching the mini quilt. I didn’t use a hoop or anything. Just random stitches. Sometimes I feel like I should just leave well enough alone but I really enjoyed myself. On Sunday I felt so much better. I went to the Brooklyn Quilters Guild Show. It was totally awesome as usual. Very inspiring. I have a lot of photos, but I’m not sure about the politics of posting and whether or not people would want that. So I am going to contact some of the folks I know and ask if it is ok to post their stuff here.I won this quilt in a silent auction. But I don’t know who made it. I am going to find out and then I will post it again with credits. As soon as I saw this piece I was in love with it. I never thought I would get it but I did! Isn’t it beautiful?I’ve been printing a lot today. I stacked a bunch of work on my light table with the quilt I won on the bottom. I love the way it all looks together.Peter finished one side of the house with trim and shingles, It looks so sweet. Nice job Peter!

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13 Responses to Back trouble again

  1. Curls & Q says:

    Good job Pete! Poor thing. I have disc problems so I really feel your pain! Fabulous quilts!

  2. I never learned how to quilt. For a while I lived in northwestern PA and it seemed that all the ladies there quilted. After drooling over quilts for 4 years, I was just about to sign up for a quilt class when I moved back west. I attend quilt shows though, starry eyed and filled with admiration for the artists’ works!

    • marjorie says:

      I am very new to it and though I’ve been working on different quilts for years, I’ve finished only three full size and 5 or 6 mini quilts. I’m working on a small one today. I hope to post later. I was very inspired by the show.

  3. pennross says:

    Have you read Healing Back Pain by John Sarno. Basically it’s magic.
    I love the little curly legged table, he really did do a good job.
    And your stitching – Rock on!

  4. Gorgeous! Congrats on winning the quilt! The shingles look great too!

  5. meta says:

    Beautiful colours!

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