So happy to be back and a fun give away


I started with some dyed sateen that I wasn’t so crazy about. It was kind of a mustardy yellow. I folded it up and clamped it between a couple of jar lids and I dyed it black. Later that night I went out for a walk and i saw this:

Such a beautiful moon.

I have been busy dyeing almost every day. I have been learning so much and I have so much to show  over the next few days. But tonight I want to host a little contest. I saw this on some other blogs and thought it was way cool so here goes.

Tell me your favorite moon story

The first three people who tell me their favorite moon story will receive one of my hand dyed silk pieces done in the itajime shibori style  They are 15″ x 15″ and hemmed all around. You can make a beautiful pillow out of it if you want.

Send your story to me at:

(and tell me your favorite color)






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