new work

My newest work is a set of three wallhangings.

The first two are cotton sateen and were dyed and overdyed together. The one on the right is dyed twice and bleached. I folded and clamped dyed and discharged and bleached all three pieces using the shibori process of itajime. Can life be just too much fun?

Go on and try it at home! Dyeing is not as messy as I thought and wow what a payoff!

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2 Responses to new work

  1. These are gorgeous and inspiring works of art. If i had a clue as to how to approach it, I would certainly give it a try! Any recommended ‘how to’ resources? thanks for sharing.
    Lisa in Vermont

    • marjorie says:

      Thanks Lisa! I have a few how-to’s in the archives but a great book to start with is
      “Color by Accident” I will post a picture and the author. You have that wonderful piece at your cottage downstairs on the sofa- I thought maybe you made that one. PS you are the third winner!!!! I’ll be in touch via email. Thank you for your beautiful moon story.

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