Nuno Felting -try it at home!!!

Or come on over and try it here!!

I have been working, but not posting so much -mostly for technical reasons. I’m so happy to be posting again -I’m going to go backwards and start with the most recent thing I’ve done.


This is so much fun and the finished work is absolutely gorgeous! Here is the first piece I made. I made it on Tuesday night

I started with a silk scarf that I dyed back in June. It was a pretty pink but it needed something more. I wasn’t sure it would work for nuno -the weave was kind of close. But I couldn’t find any chiffon even though I know I have some someplace around here! It took me about two hours.I felted it with some merino wool roving that Sally was nice enough to give me on Monday when we had a whiches meeting. Thank you Sally! I was really curious to try felting. I layed out the scarf and placed little wisps of roving all over, then another layer, then some silk yarn that Ann gave me! Thank goodness for those whiches!

I wet it with soapy water and rolled the whole thing up with bubble wrap and tied it up tight with some yarn I made from a tie dyed t-shirt. (I knew that yarn would come in handy for something!) then I just started rolling. I didn’t think it was going to work and it didn’t at first but eventually I saw it begin to take. The wool just gets flat and sticks to itself and when it went through to the other side of the silk it grabbed on to more wool on that side. Very exciting! I have more photos and will post them soon.

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2 Responses to Nuno Felting -try it at home!!!

  1. sally says:

    So pretty. And the scarf, too!

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