Try this at home

Really-try this at home.

I went to this wonderful antique store in Saugerties over the weekend and bought a very pretty vintage crocheted dresser runner. It wasn’t much in the way of color, but the spiral design caught my eye  and on taking a closer look, the piece was sturdy  cotton-I knew it would dye well. I have a very wide night table and envisioned the piece reddish brown on the light oak of the table. It was just a fleeting thought and then I promptly forgot about it. I remembered last night.

Just for fun I threw in a few muslin bags and a silk twill square.

So go on! Try this at home!

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2 Responses to Try this at home

  1. This project turned out great! I love the color. Saugerties has the best antique stores in the area. I always find something great there! I will definitely try this at home!

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