Back in Brooklyn

Back for a few days and hit the ground running. I haven’t dyed since Monday night and I’m definitely feeling the effect of that. This three day weekend will take care of it and I will make up for lost time. I dyed all day Sunday with Laura and Karizma in Michigan, but my camera was out of battery and I didn’t have my charger. I can take pictures of the results but I don’t have any at all of the process. I will take pictures and post by tomorrow. I cannot wait for you to see them!!!!

Here is the last thing I dyed. I set it up in the hotel room on Monday night in Oberlin on the way back from Michigan. The sinks were all porous so I had to let it sit in a plastic bag until I got home. The piece measures about 20″ x 12″. I placed some ivy leaves on white pima cotton fabric and folded it over on itself and then rolled it up tight and tied it with a piece of plastic bag. First Lapis, then rust. Here’s what happened.

This is a real close-up because I scanned it. You are seeing about 1/8th of the fabric.

Can you see the blue ivy leaf?

Very cool.

I love dyeing!!!

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2 Responses to Back in Brooklyn

  1. karen moser says:

    Marjorie! This is going to be such a gift, getting your posts everyday! I have been eagerly awaiting to receive one. Gorgeous work!
    Thank you again for coming to visit us. It was just great to see you all!

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