Well here it is all bound up on an ash tree branch. I simmered it in a concoction of Hopi sunflower heads (not many seeds were left since the birds and squirrels got to them first)

bundleand a bunch of sedum from my garden. I started to see the pink come through from the hibiscus flowers and once it was all dryed I unwrapped it. It was very pretty though no  trace of the oak leaves. I folded it up and used yogurt container tops for the resist and dipped it into a bath of acid dye dark blue and greens for about 10 seconds. Here is what I got and I am in love with it!finishThanks for tuning in. Photo from my I phone, not sure where I left my camera. Background is indigo silk velvet. Good night! have a wonderful creative tomorrow!

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  1. Guila Greer says:

    I love the markings that you achieved – lots of fodder for the imagination. I ‘see’ an underwater landscape; bright sun, high waves, jelly fish, sea plants..

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