Well it was bound to happen. I am smitten with natural dyes and experimenting with plants and flowers in my garden.

The hibiscus was blooming
the branch had some lichen on it

I wrapped whole flowers in white silk and tied the whole thing around a branch and then boiled it and added a little iron for mordant. Above is me unwrapping with the flowers still inside the silk. I know the finished piece will not be so dramatic as these photos, but I hope i can keep some of the color! Stay tuned!

About Marjorie

I dye, print and sell my work here: www.printanddyeworkshop.com printanddyeworkshop.etsy.com
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9 Responses to Hibiscus

  1. Wow! Great colour. hope it stays!

  2. The pattern, color and texture are perfect!

  3. Beautiful! Even if the flower image is delicate, it is going to be a fabulous piece.

  4. pennross says:

    Rich and vibrant! Beautiful!!
    Sorry we never made it by. We had a stop over in Waltham and then headed north to a friend I hadn’t seen since I was 12yrs old. It was quite the meeting! Anyway, next time….

  5. 1marylou says:

    Very nice. Did your wrapping create the flower pattern or is the image from the actual whole flowers?

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