something to look forward to

Whenever I am working on something big, I just can’t help it, I have to begin a small thing. Small enough to complete in an evening so that I can look forward to working on the big thing(s) again.

I love quilting squares on my machine. The texture, the look of the cloth completely changes.I can’t stop running my fingers across the fabric.No measuring just set the dual feed down and go. Use the foot to gauge. easy peasy and so rewarding. And that little feathery blanket stitch on my machine is one of my favorites. It says “we’re connected forever.”

But these small eyeglass cases are like peanuts-I just can’t stop. Choosing which vintage button to use is what I look forward to while I’m quilting. Always need something to look forward to.


They kind of remind me of little kimonos. They are all different sizesglasscase2made from scraps you can see the selvedge here. I think this is a good button for this one.

thanks for stopping by! have a wonderful creative day/night

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4 Responses to something to look forward to

  1. Tina says:

    Oh those are awesome!

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