How do you feel?

I went into the gallery and this piece wasn’t there.  I figured someone moved it and then I found out that it sold. At first I was delighted. But it’s been a week or so and I kind of miss it. But I know that whoever bought it loves it. Maybe even more than me. I like thinking about it being in someone’s house or office and them getting pleasure from it. I’m so glad I have this photo. I took it the day before it sold.

Maybe I should go in there and take more photos.

birchquiltI may try to make another in a different color way. This pieces was almost effortless the way it came together. I made it from my hand dyes and then I machine quilted it. I’ll let you know how the next one goes.

So how do you feel when you sell a piece? I really want to know so please send me a post about that if you can.

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