to-cutThis is a new piece I dyed recently. It was a piece of muslin dyed a mottled light yellow. I folded it and bound with waxed sinew (synthetic) and let it sit for abut 14 hours in a black procion dye bath.

I know that muslin has kind of a bad name with some dyers but I really like the way the dye travels and spreads into the weave in that blurry sort of way. I’m not sure I would want to use this to make something I would wash a lot. For a wall piece though- it could be a really nice addition. This one’s gonna be hard to cut up.

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10 Responses to New

  1. deemallon says:

    What gives muslin a bad rap? I like the yellowish streaks in there.

  2. I see a landscape already started. What about some beading, embroidery, and a teensy bit of applique? Maybe a little paint here and there.

  3. Vernon says:


  4. pennross says:

    Oooh, I love this one!!

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