I love that word, don’t you? It just sounds nice. Whenever I hear it I think of ribbons and flowers and bells.

My co-worker Amy is getting married and she asked me to make some soap for her wedding favors. I couldn’t be more honored. Kate and Laura helped me get it all together before their respective trips to Japan and Portland OR.

Amy is an awesome and talented graphic designer. She designed her wedding logo and she has a very cool blog called No Whey No Cow. check it out!

I made 80 bars and scented them with lavender and patchouli, Amy’s favorite. I colored them in Amy and Mike’s wedding colors using red Moroccan clay. I picked flowers from my garden weeks ago and pressed them in anticipation of the packaging.

They came out beautiful  and the time spent with my girls packaging them was filled with laughter and love.

Good luck Amy and Mike! We are so happy for you!!



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  3. Vernon says:

    Wonderful gifts!

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