Long light

I am loving learning how the light changes in this new space we call home.


We had a wonderfully busy day today. Peter made these awesome ladders for me to hang my tea towels and scarves at the market.


I put up a new batch of unscented soap have three scarves and some cotton sateen in the dyepot, did some laundry and made an apple crisp. And Peter is just unstoppable. Now he is painting the porch and steps. These are the colors we love right now.







We’ll see how it all turns out!

About Marjorie

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4 Responses to Long light

  1. Asia says:

    So beautiful! I imagine the stairs look great. Wish I was there to eat crisp on the porch and smell the soaps.

  2. Tex Moser says:

    Keep the pictures coming! Light and beauty all around you….no wonder you are so happy in your new home. And you are both giving expression to your creative and artistic selves. Love & hugs, Mom Jane

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