learn something new everyday!

The Hot Process soap came out fantastic and it is ready to use! It lathers up nicely, has a creamy feel and leaves my hands feeling so squeaky clean and soft -I just love handmade soap!!!

But wait I split the batch and almost forgot I have a whole other tray of Cold Process too! I didn’t put any flowers in it, it is lovely and creamy looking. I will cut it up this morning, but it must cure for at least 2-4 weeks before it can be used. What is nice about the Hot Process is that the extra shea butter and essential oil gets added after the saponification process so ALL the healing and scent properties remain. Take a look!

Cold Process ready to cut

Cold Process ready to cut

Hot process ready to use!

Hot process ready to use!

All of it made from the same batch-YAY!

All of it made from the same batch-YAY!

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3 Responses to learn something new everyday!

  1. Abiola says:

    Lovely! Bought my first slow cooker today. It’s a teeny weeny one to try hp soap for the first time. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Q says:

    Q – I put my nose really close to the computer screen! And, yes, I think I get a faint whiff of the wonderful lavender soap!

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