Ice Cream with Nancy

I met Nancy many years ago in a little ice cream shop on Court Street in Brooklyn. It was a very hot day and Kate and I were trying to cool off. I was very pregnant with Jonny and Laura and very exhausted. When we entered the shop I saw a woman with 3 of the cutest little kids ever. She came up to me and said “You’re having twins aren’t you?” I said how did you know? She answered, “I have twins and I could just tell by the way you’re carrying.”-or something like that. I thought, this woman has been sent from Heaven to help me. I looked over and saw how sweet she was with her kids and I knew we were going to be all right. Then she said. You have to get a sitter. Now. Right now. You have to have someone lined up to help you. You are going to need help. If you can’t afford it take an advance on your credit card. She was cracking me up. Well here we are 20 years later and the kids are all grown up. We made it Nancy!

here we are on the Bridge of flowers

here we are on the Bridge of flowers

We’ve been working very hard on the sun room. We are using it as a dining room until the big one is ready. I’m so happy with the way it came out. Nancy came for a visit and while we were at Hagars Farm Market enjoying delicious maple raspberry twist soft serve cones, the rug was delivered and Peter put the finishing touches on the room. Here is a little before and after.

beforesolarium rug


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2 Responses to Ice Cream with Nancy

  1. How wonderful to have a special friend like Nancy! The house is looking great!

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