Moving to the place we love

Peter and I have been dreaming of moving to the country for about 3 years now. We found the house we wanted and then began moving the boat around here in Brooklyn all the time hoping that the house we loved would still be available.

It is all coming together now. I am packing and we are moving all our stuff this Saturday to the beautiful village of Shelburne Falls, MA !!!


The photo is by Catherine Maletz from the Shelburne Falls Facebook Page.

Our new house is an old Farmhouse that was used for many years as a rest home and it is beautiful and needs LOTS of work and it has an abundance of Wabi Sabi (Genevieve!) -we can’t wait to get started! We will live there while we renovate and of course I will post all about it here.

I can’t wait to begin dyeing again in my new very large dyeing studio. I don’t even know which room it will be yet. Maybe I will have two! LOL

My goodness I’m so excited to have a driveway!!!!!!

Goodbye city life! Otis you are now a country dawg!



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4 Responses to Moving to the place we love

  1. pennross says:

    Can’t wait to see more pictures!!! Good luck with the move and settling in!!!

  2. Congrats on finding your dream home!

  3. Fabulous & enjoy it all!

  4. Karen Moser says:

    Oh it is just perfect. We are so happy for you guys!

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