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Thank you so much Emily for featuring our Brooklyn Bridge Tea Towel on your blog Dirty Dishes! Emily hosts a give-away each month from her collection of fabulous finds that will make your next party ferociously fantastic!

You can find Emily’s blog at

And please if you haven’t yet, make sure to enter my Tea Towel Giveaway.

Thanks to everyone who has entered so far! I am really enjoying hearing from you!!

I have some new ideas for some new prints. Going into the lab now to see how they come out! Have a lovely and wonderful creative Friday! Oh and check it out -There is a crazy big spider living somewhere in my garden.

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  1. Curls & Q says:

    Q – I have found this to be the year of the spider! Super yuck! I have had more spiders crawling on me this year. Even got a spider bite! Keep that spider in your yard!!! Do not send it my way. 😎

    What a wonderful glimpse into your studio! Love the quilt hanging.

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