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Here is how they all came out! They stayed steaming in the car for two days and by that time I was at my sister’s house so I washed them out in a bucket outside and hung them on the fence to dry. It was surprising how little dye came out in the water. The alginate came out very easily. The only one the dye didn’t take on  was the rust silk. Maybe the fabric just couldn’t take anymore dye. I really love the green on pink. There is also a yellow piece of linen I dyed a few months ago that didn’t make it into this photo. It came out nice and bright too.The rust is a silk scarf i dyed about 3 years ago and the green silk I think you’ve seen recently if you have been following.  The one all the way on the left is subtle but so nice when light comes through it. hmmmmm

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8 Responses to results are here

  1. Since everyone is voting, I’ll vote for the dark green on red. I think because the dark green becomes a “mystery color.”

  2. Pamela says:

    All are terrific but my fave is the one on the left.

  3. I must have a car like that.
    So beautiful prints but I like the rust colored best.

  4. Those turned out beautifully! I like the two in the middle best!

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