Final Answer?

Last night I took the piece out of the black dye bath. It looked pretty cool but when I washed out the extra dye, the black turned kind of greenish. I scrunched up the whole thing and pushed it down into a quart container. Then I mixed up a very strong solution of Rust Orange and poured it over the Fabric.

This morning I opened it up and threw it into the washer to rinse it with cold water and then I washed in hot with synthrapol. The colors are still kind of dull. Could be because the fabric is not mercerized. I like it ok and I think I will stop dyeing it now. I still want to discharge screen print some kind of nature design on it. I also think it needs some metallic. hmm. For anyone still interested in seeing the outcome, here is a look at the whole cloth and some close-ups of my favorite parts.

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9 Responses to Final Answer?

  1. Hi Marjorie,

    The colours are wonderful – can’t wait to see what happens when you add discharge printing!


  2. Not at all what I expected. Is it possible that, with all of the various dye baths, the available molecules, or places to dye, have been used up? I read somewhere that there is only so much dye a fabric can take before the spaces are saturated. I dunno if that is true or not.

    • marjorie says:

      Yes I think you are right Laura, I have read that also. There are two areas on the piece that no matter what I seem to do they don’t take anymore dye. I guess it’s time to go backwards!

    • marjorie says:

      Thank you! Your lemonade kept me going. I love that stuff. It even cures my hot flashes! I ran out of lemons so I tried lime and that was pretty good too.

      • Curls & Q says:

        Oh yea, I totally forgot to mention that I use limes too! In fact, the other day I had 2 limes and 1 lemon. So I made both. 😎

  3. Donna says:

    Marjie, I love this! It really is gorgeous! Such interesting and beautiful color combos.

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