Moon Story Contest – Here are the 3 winning entries (the first 3 stories won!)

This is a funny story from Joyce in Illinois. And for those of you that belong to a craft group you will get a special hoot from this one.
I love your moon fabric! And until last Friday, I didn’t have a funny moon story.  I was out with girlfriends as we had a house for an overnight craft retreat.  (post coming soon!)  The car I was in stopped for me to take a photo of the gorgeous moon that was out that night.  The following car wondered if we had car trouble so they called me.  I said I was taking a photo of the moon and they offered 7 full moons from their vehicle!! 😉
Once we got back to the house, I was offered 2 moons at the front door…. however, not full ones.  :eyeroll:
Silly girls!!

Check out Joyce’s blog here.
From Lisa in Vermont- a beautiful memory in the making . . .
I loved just being asked the question about a moon story….made my right brain all excited w/ the endless possibilities. Alas, I have a writing deadline and cannot give this topic justice in a confined timeframe. So for now, here’s a simple “moment in time” that happened just last week:
I live in a log cabin in southern Vermont on approx. 300 acres of protected land. (I rent this piece of heaven from a family friend). The wrap-around deck sits above the tree line, and the 360 degree view is trees and sky…truly amazing. During a recent full moon my 10 year old son Lars and I were standing together on the deck late at night, stunned by the vibrant light of the moon…. but the real show-stoppers were the Moon Shadows!!! (Remember that Cat Stevens song?) All the trees were casting spectacular shadows, creating a deep contrast between hundreds of tall dark shapes and their intertwined shadows scattered across the brightly lit white snow. The complexity of the patterns was brilliant. As I felt the energy and soaked it all in with my son by my side, we made a pact to remember that moment in time. Pure magic.

My family and I stayed at Lisa’s Serenity Stone Cottage just last week where I woke up to the full moon shining through my bedroom window. see the lovely cottage here.
And finally from my sister Patti, a story about the moon and memories of love and family.
My favorite moon story is not my own. It is from Moonstruck.
The old man is walking all these dogs and there is a full moon. He and the dogs start howling at the
moon Bella Luna. Andy and I went to see Moonstruck in the theatre by
Bradlees. When we were leaving, we saw mom and dad. Funny because Andy
and I seldom went to the movies. I still love that movie and watch it
whenever its on TV.

I’m gonna watch it right now!

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2 Responses to Moon Story Contest – Here are the 3 winning entries (the first 3 stories won!)

  1. patti says:

    the 3 prints r amazing. Thank you

    • marjorie says:

      Hi Patti! thanks so much for entering. I’m glad you like the moon squares. I loved making them!!! I want to make more this weekend. Have you ever done any dyeing?

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