lye into soap and dyeing to cope

Well I’m back from Fall River and at my day job. I’m here in my familiar but I don’t feel the same. Something is different. I’m different. Not sure why or even how, but I’m willing to just let it all be for now. Before I left I put up two big slabs of my homemade tangerine grapefruit soap. The only thing I like better than making soap is dyeing! Now this is the real thing – not melt and pour. Here it is all covered up. Tonight when I get home, I’m going to unwrap it and slice it into bars. If you want some send your address to my e-mail and I will send it on. – this is a limited time offer!

ps it takes time to cure so don’t expect it for about 3-4 weeks.

Some more work I did at Sue Benner’s class at Pro chem-

This is the big piece -45 x 70 silk crepe.  I’m just delighted. I can’t express how much fun it was to be in a roomful of women who love dyeing as much as i do! We had a blast! Thanks so much Vicki -you kept us going with delicious food and plenty of icey cold tea, hot coffee and H2O!!!

Just imagine vats of soda ash and urea and ludigol and metaphos and an unlimited supply of procion dye concentrates. Vicki and Sue YOU ROCK!

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5 Responses to lye into soap and dyeing to cope

  1. I recently stumbled on your blog. Its amazing to me to see the different processes and creativity each one of us use when making soap. I look forward to hearing about whats next.

  2. Peter says:

    i dig the monoprint stuff

  3. Vicki Jensen says:

    I am so glad that you had a good time! I love what you created in class and look forward to seeing your future work!

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