dyeing at work again!

I folded and bound this with binder clips and then painted with a light blue watered down wash of dynaflow. Then i brushed the outsides with full strength cerulean blue. I came back about an hour later and it had this pebble thing going on- so cool!

Getting read for my class at the Brooklyn Mercantile – we’re going to do a little pole dancing! LOL – with silk!

This is what I really want to dye today, but Peter is on his way to pick me up! Yea!

Later . . .

Isn’t this gorgeous?! I got it at Stitch Therapy – the other half of the Brooklyn Mercantile on 5th Avenue in Park Slope. Maxcine and Tamara you rock!



About Marjorie

I dye, print and sell my work here: www.printanddyeworkshop.com printanddyeworkshop.etsy.com
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2 Responses to dyeing at work again!

  1. sally says:

    I love that cerulean blue. Guhjus!

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