On my way up again

It’s Monday and here’s what happened last night. I was on my way to bed and passed by my workspace and saw the two dyed pieces from last week. Happy. so I went back upstairs and picked up the piece I dyed and painted, got out my biscuits, some discharge paste and got to work. I put a piece of two-sided tape on the biscuit and stuck it to my finger. Then I painted it with discharge paste and stamped a pattern on the cloth. You know sometimes you have to just keep going.It was dry this morning when I woke up, but I had to go to work and couldn’t find my respirator so I will have to wait until this evening to see how it turns out. It’s still wet in the photo. The stuff smells like sulfur. I’ll steam it with the iron later. Near the open window and use a fan for exhaust and a respirator.

About Marjorie

I dye, print and sell my work here: www.printanddyeworkshop.com printanddyeworkshop.etsy.com
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2 Responses to On my way up again

  1. Kate says:

    These are so pretty! Is there some place I can purchase these items? Like Etsy, for example? Wow!

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