May 18 Itsy bitsy tangent

Today I had a couple of little projects going. I took a square of silk (14 x 14) and folded it up and wrapped it around a piece of wood. Then I bound it with some flat sinew, a waxed polyester thread. I mixed up some sage green procion dye and dipped the silk tied stick into it. I added washing soda because I didn’t have any soda ash. I’ve heard you can use it instead of soda ash in a pinch as long as you use a lot of it. Then I mixed up some rust orange –ooh one of my favorites. So that’s when other ideas started to percolate in my head and I went off on a little dye tangent. I love tiny things and I really love tiny binder clips. I had a tiny tub of strawberry jam and all of a sudden I thought about dyeing a tiny bound piece of cotton in the tiny empty jam tub. So I just start cutting things up and pouring dye and well here it is.

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4 Responses to May 18 Itsy bitsy tangent

  1. I think it takes less time to dye stuff than to blog lol!!

  2. sally says:

    Marjie!!! This is so cool! I love your challenge and your blog! I’m going to let it
    inspire me. I want to see the picture of the piece in the jam jar.

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