a sewing room I dreamed about once

Wow Peter did a terrific job on the floor in our sewing room. Painted it too. What a difference! The windows, the ceiling, everything!

I just walked on it for the first time this evening. I want to spend all my time here now.

here is what it looked like last summer

really not bad, but

really not bad, but

last week before

nicely painted

nicely painted

and todayafterbeautiful. A little Penny Rug would be awesome in here don’t you think?

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9 Responses to a sewing room I dreamed about once

  1. zippyquilts says:

    Lucky you–lovely room!

  2. Wow – from ‘okay, what can I get done today’ to ‘ah, I can feel the creativity dancing in my brain!’

  3. What a nice room. It seems to have a good size. Will there be room for Peter too?

  4. pennross says:

    Gorgeous! But what’s a penny rug? Never heard that before.

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